OLA Archival and Preservation Achievement Award

The Ontario Library Association recognizes Ontario-based individuals and institutions who have made significant achievements on a personal or institutional level in the field of preservation and/or conservation for library and/or archival materials through the OLA Archival and Preservation Achievement Award.

Criteria and Eligibility
Nominations will be evaluated according to the following criteria:
METHODOLOGY: Contributions to the development, application or utilization of new or improved methods, techniques and routines.
LEADERSHIP: Leadership in either an organization or a significant archival or preservation project.
RESEARCH: Evidence of studies, research, or contribution to professional literature.
PARTNERSHIP: Partnerships and strategic alliances with industry, the community and/or other institutions.
MENTORING: Training and professional mentoring in the field of archives and/or preservation.

The recipient will be a member/member institution in good standing of OLA. Nominees may either be an individual person or, a group/project. When nominating a group/project, please provide details for a primary contact in the nomination form.

November 30: Nominations Due
November Board meeting: Nominations deliberated and decisions made
Early-Mid December: Nominators/Nominees informed of decisions and picture of winner(s) requested
Early-Mid January: Final award presentation details known and provided to Nominators/Nominees

What to Include
Letters of endorsement are encouraged and should provide additional evidence of the worthiness of the nominee.

Please attach your supporting documents in a single, PDF file. If there are questions or concerns about attaching your document, please contact the OLA office at awards@accessola.com.