OCULA Award for Special Achievement

Criteria and Eligibility
To qualify for the OCULA Award for Special Achievement, nominees must have shown exceptional achievement(s) in at least one of the following areas over the past two years:

Service to OLA/OCULA and other library organizations.
Research and publication in areas of academic librarianship.
Planning and implementing a library program which serves as a model to others.

Nominees may either be an individual person or, a group/project. When nominating a group/project, please provide details for a primary contact in the nomination form.
Nominees do not have to be members of OLA/OCULA to be eligible for this award. However, nominators must be members in good standing of OLA/OCULA.

November 15: Nominations Due
November Council Meeting: Nominations deliberated and decisions made
Early-Mid December: Nominators/Nominees informed of decisions and picture of winner(s) requested
Early-Mid January: Final award presentation details known and provided to Nominators/Nominees

What to Include
It is recommended that the nominator consults with the nominee for names of colleagues knowledgeable of the nominee’s work. Nominators should specify which area of Service, Research or Planning the person or group has contributed to in the application. Limit of two¬†letters from the nominee’s colleagues supporting the nomination and focusing on the nominee’s achievement(s). Supporting letters should chronicle what the nominee has accomplished in the areas of contribution, using criteria in this Rubric.

Please attach your supporting documents in a single, PDF file. If there are questions or concerns about attaching your document, please contact the OLA office at awards@accessola.com.