OLA Election Nomination

OLA Elections are now open.  You may nominate a colleague or yourself for one of the open positions in the form below. OLA Board or council experience is not necessary to apply.

1. The candidate must be a current OLA member.
2. The candidate must be a member of the division they are running in.
3. If the position is regional, the candidate must work (OPLA/OSLA) or sit on the library board (OLBA) in that region.

Only one nomination may be submitted per person.

September 18: Nominations open.

November 15: Nominations Close

November council/OLA Board meetings: Deliberations and decisions made. Nominees will be informed of results as soon as possible. Photos requested for acclaimed/appointed candidates.

December 1-10: Elections open for positions that have more than one candidate. Candidates will need to submit a photo and a short bio (half a page maximum) before elections open.
Mid December: Election candidates informed of results.

New for 2024

At the 2023 OLA Annual General Meeting, the membership approved the new addition of 3 member at large positions on the OLA Board. We are currently accepting nominations for this position. Each position begins Jan 1, 2024 with different terms.

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