OLA Travel Fund

With the budget cuts to OLS-N OLA will be offering a travel stipend for $325 to populations serving under 7,000 for rural, remote and Indigenous communities. The travel fund is $4,000, which includes $3,000 for the North and $1,000 from the South. OLA will be offering this travel stipend to 9 recipients from the North and 3 recipients from the South. It is first come first serve and recipients will be selected using a random number generator

Applications must be submitted at least four weeks in advance of the event.

Application Guidelines

The following conditions must be met to be eligible for a travel subsidy:

  • The applicant must be from a rural, remote or Indigenous community serving a population under 7,000.
  • You must be a current member of OLA.
  • The travel subsidy cannot have been previously awarded to the applicant.
  • A member may receive the subsidy only once.
  • The member’s workplace or organization must be unable to cover the cost of travel.
Please visit website for more information