OLBA Joyce Cunningham Award: Public Library Board of the Year

Criteria and Eligibility
The OLBA Joyce Cunningham Award is given to a Public Library Board, or two Public Library Boards that participated in a collaborative effort, that has demonstrated a high level of collaboration and innovation to produce outstanding results.

A high-performance Public Library Board can be defined as a group of people with specific roles and complementary talents and skills, aligned with and committed to a common purpose, and who consistently show high levels of collaboration and innovation to produce superior results.
A high performance Public Library Board is regarded as tight knit, focused on their goal, and have supportive processes that will enable any board member to surmount any barriers in achieving the board’s goals. Within the team, individual board members are highly skilled and are able to interchange their roles. Also, leadership within the team is not vested in a single individual; instead the leadership role is taken up by various team members, according to the need at that moment in time.
Public Library Boards that have a member currently serving on OLBA Council are not eligible for this award.
The nominated Public Library Board must be a member in good standing of OLBA.
Nominated Boards from small, medium and large libraries are given equal consideration.
An OPLA or OLBA member in good standing may nominate a board for this award.

November 30: Nominations Due
November Council Meeting: Nominations deliberated and decisions made
Early-Mid December: Nominators/Nominees informed of decisions and picture of winner(s) requested
Early-Mid January: Final award presentation details known and provided to Nominators/Nominees

What to Include

The nomination package must include sufficient documentation to support the nomination and demonstrate evidence and outcomes of a successful venture using the criteria as listed on the OLA website.
Letters of support are encouraged but not required.

Please attach your supporting documents in a single, PDF file. If there are questions or concerns about attaching your document, please contact the OLA office at awards@accessola.com.