OLBA Super Conference Bursary

For library board members who live in northern Ontario, travelling to the OLA Super Conference may be costly. The OLBA Bursary Draw assists board members in distant communities with travel expenses to our conference, and allows them to choose from hundreds of professional development events, including the OLBA Board Bootcamp.

Bursaries Available
2 X Northwest Region: $1,250 per person
2 X Northeast Region: $750 per person
1 X Any Library Board serving a population under 7000: $500
1 X Any Library Board – Saturday Boot Camp: $500

Visit the OLA website for more information about OLBA member regions.

In addition to the bursary, recipients of all but the Saturday Board Boot Camp Bursary will be registered for the full OLA Super Conference including a single ticket to the Public Library Award Gala. Saturday Board Boot Camp Bursary recipients will also receive registration for the full Saturday program. The bursary award is non-transferrable and is for the exclusive use of the recipient.

Winners will be chosen by draw and informed prior to the conference.
All expenses must be covered by the winner and submitted to OLA after the conference. A reimbursement cheque for the bursary amount will be provided within 30 days of receipt of the claim at the OLA office.