OPLA James Bain Medallion: Public Library Board Member of the Year

Criteria and Eligibility
The nominated candidate for the OPLA James Bain Medallion must have served on a public library board for at least part of the calendar year for which they are honoured. All nominated board members from small, medium and large libraries are given equal consideration.

The selection of the successful candidate will be based on significant contributions in at least two of the following criteria:

Demonstrated cohesive leadership in library governance resulting in an effective and responsible library board.
Significant accomplishments toward the advancement of library services and the development and implementation of sound policies.
Strong advocacy for the significance and importance of the library’s role in community development and for strengthening the image of the library as a contributor to the economic and cultural development of the city, town or county.
Awareness of the changing needs of the community and evidence of community partnerships.
Demonstration of good judgement in implementing ideas which have increased service delivery and efficiency.
Ability to motivate, inspire and influence civic or provincial leaders to ensure that the library meets the informational, educational and recreational needs of all citizens with adequate financial support.
Awareness and vision of innovations and opportunities available within the library sector to meet the needs of their future patrons.

Board members currently serving on the OLBA Council are not eligible for this award.
Nominators must be a member in good standing of OLBA or OPLA.

November 30: Nominations Due
November council meeting: Nominations deliberated and decisions made
Early-Mid December: Nominators/Nominees informed of decisions and picture of winner(s) requested
Early-Mid January: Final award presentation details known and provided to Nominators/Nominees

What to Include
The nomination package should include evidence to support the nomination, and potentially including but not limited to:

The nominee’s library service at the local, provincial, national or international level.
Library Board Affiliation(s) and positions held.
An assessment of the nominee’s contributions to library development.
Examples of outstanding leadership in the advancement of public library service in Ontario.
Other important considerations and letters of support.

Please attach your supporting documents in a single, PDF file. If there are questions or concerns about attaching your document, please contact the OLA office at awards@accessola.com.

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