OPLA – PLA Conference Grant

The OPLA-PLA Conference Grant provides up to $3,000 is available to subsidize the cost of one individual to attend to the Public Library Association Conference that is held biennially in the United States.  The grant will be awarded by a random draw of qualified nominees submitted to OLA/OPLA by November 15th every 2 years.

The grant recipient will be selected by a random draw of names submitted from all regions.

Criteria and Eligibility
The applicant must:

Be employed by a public library in Ontario.
Hold a current membership with the Ontario Public Library Association (OPLA).
Agree to report back to the Ontario Public Library Association about his/her conference experience.  This may include daily conference reporting and a post-conference article for publication in Ho-OPLA.
The applicant must have a valid passport and be eligible to travel to the United States.

The recipient will be responsible for the following expenses:

Transportation to and from the recipient’s home and the airport.
Any personal or incidental expenses.
Any expenses in excess of the $3,000 CAD grant amount.

What to Include
A cover letter from the nominee confirming the application and willingness to assume the expenses described above; and
A letter of nomination from the employer confirming support of conference attendance.