OLA Technical Services Award

The OLA Technical Services Award recognizes the Ontario librarian, teacher-librarian, technician, library worker or department who has made a substantial achievement to their institution and/or the library profession in the area of technical services. This award is about recognizing those who help with the efficiencies and improve access to materials. Awards like this foster innovation, create an environment to share ideas and support high morale among technical service workers.

Nominees may either be an individual person or a group. When nominating a group, please provide details for a primary contact in the nomination form.

Criteria and Eligibility

Nominees should be or have been employed in an Ontario library, though non-Ontario experience and contribution will be recognized in the submission.
The nominee should be an example of a technical services employee who has raised the profile of this sector of the library profession.
Nominations may not be made by the individual nominated.
Nominators must be members of OLA in good standing.
There is no requirement for the Nominee to be an OLA member.

While this award is designed for an individual it is possible for a department to be nominated and considered.

November 30: Nominations Due
November Board meeting: Nominations deliberated and decisions made
Early-Mid December: Nominators/Nominees informed of decisions and picture of winner(s) requested
Early-Mid January: Final award presentation details known and provided to Nominators/Nominees

What to Include
Letters of endorsement are encouraged and should provide additional evidence of the worthiness of the nominee.
Please attach your supporting documents in a single, PDF file. If there are questions or concerns about attaching your document, please contact the OLA office at awards@accessola.com.